22 Mar

We have created a marriage between Bona and…

Bona Young Living

We have created a marriage between Bona and Young Living. We did it so that we can improve the quality of your wood floors, providing you with a clean healthy floor and the magic of essential oils from Young Living. In this case we have used Faith from the line of Infused 7 from Young Living. Faith is one of the 7 essential oils which was created from a partnership between Oola and Young Living.

Why is Faith so important? It’s highly important to bring your ideas, projects, and goals to creation. It all starts in your mind, all your feelings of gratefulness, happiness and joy are right inside you. You can tap into it at anytime. We are all motivated by one key factor called growth. We feel compelled to do things because we want to grow in all areas of our life everyday. The key in making your faith strong is in your ability to feel as if you’re living what you have thought to create. If you live it daily, minute by minute, then you run the chance of making it happen. At the same time, you must act and move forward to receive what you have called and attracted with your mind. Now, to complement your thoughts and actions, here you have Faith essential oils from Young Living available for you via Maria Oquendo Holistic Cleaning. Ask and Thou Shall Receive.

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