Maria in Pisco, Peru 2015

Maria in Pisco, Peru / 2015

Maria Oquendo was born and raised in Lima, Peru. The 4th in a family of 6, her passion in the family was always geared towards keeping her home clean. Coming from the rural area of Lima, she had no choice but to maintain and make the best of her environment. She later came to the United States in the year 1989. She arrived at the heart of New York in the projects area near Delancey Street. She was given a place to stay with one of her aunts who had migrated in the early 1980′s. Maria started learning English with a small booklet that her aunt’s husband had provided to her upon arrival. He told her that the magic of the Promised Land resided in the few pages of the booklet. He said “Maria, here’s your ticket to a better life in the United States. Learn it and master it, and I can assure you the greatest of all success in life and business”.

Maria in Huancayo, Peru 2015

Maria in Huancayo, Peru / 2015

Maria had left her country after economic turmoil; an abrupt increase in inflation had left her bodega she had in Lima naked. Inflation rose 300% in a matter of days at the end of President Alan Garcia. The government had kept inflation from bursting until 1989 when the economy was shattered and forced a lot of Peruvians to migrate. One of the most affected was Maria who decided to leave Peru and find a new future for her family. She came to the United States by herself and learned the ropes on her own.

Maria was firm and confident that she had made the right decision. She left behind her 2 kids and her husband, with the only promise that she will come back in no time. Luckily enough, her husband migrated the following year, and her kids were brought the year after. To this day, Maria remembers the great day when she met with her kids after 2 years.

After working as a housekeeper for some wealthy families in one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. It was in Greenwich, Connecticut, where Maria acquired the equivalent of Masters and PhD in Home Cleaning Service. The times were very hard for her because it was a brand new way of doing things. Even though she was very hard-working and had a lot of strength and determination, she had to learn brand new skills, new manners, and new ways of mastering her talents in home cleaning service.

Maria in Ica, Peru 2015

Maria in Ica, Peru / 2015

As she worked as a housekeeper for one of the wealthiest families in Greenwich, Connecticut, she started working on weekends and nights to help support her family. They were long days of hard-work and sacrifice that eventually paid off tenfold. Up to this day, she remembers everything she learned and appreciates this one of a kind opportunity. Had she not being hired in Greenwich, Connecticut, perhaps there would be no Maria’s Cleaning Service today.

In the early 1990′s, she decided to have her husband be part of her cleaning service as the demand for her services increased. People all over Westchester County started to recommend her outstanding services and her dedication with every client. Later she would request her daughter to start taking the clients phone calls for her high fluency in English. Her company started booming towards 2000, and towards 2005 she decided to have her son compliment the marketing campaigns of the company.

Towards the end of 2010, her presence in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and New York Boroughs had been outstandingly consolidated. She had served hundreds of clients from all over the state of New York and Connecticut. It was time to let New Jersey experience her high quality services. It was in 2012 that Maria decided to start providing home and office cleaning services in Bergen County, and would later add Hunterdon, Morris, and Monmouth County in New Jersey after a successful reception of her service in Bergen County.

Buddha_statueToday, Maria has launched a new array of services geared towards the growth of her client’s mind, soul, and body. She started it because of the positive impact natural essential oils had for her mother’s recovery during her late years. She noticed something magical and special about the effects of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Passion Fruit, to name a few. She noticed her mom’s recovery would improve daily. Later she would use essential oils for her grand kids. She would employ Lavender at night to make them sleep well, or Rosemary to increase their focus and concentration. As her positive results started impacting her tremendously, she delved deeply into the subject. Going to classes and learning more about our spiritual connection with God, with ourselves, with our families. Embarking on praying sessions with friends in her native country, Peru, she would see changes in her life as well as her family. The combination of the connection with her soul, with God, combined with a healthy clean home, which is what she’s really known for. She started introducing the use of essential oils, along with natural plant-based cleaning solutions to create an environment filled with joy and happiness for their clients.

After having served thousands of clients in her 25 plus years of service, Maria has brought to the market: Holy Clarity, Equi Flow, and Nutri Soul. Each one of these holistic services go beyond what she has previously done in her years of home and office cleaning service in the tri-state area. Maria has taken special care for the main element of the service, her Professional Home Cleaning Specialists. Sharing hours of instruction, sharing a special connection with each one of them, giving them the skills required to clean from a field of Pure Positive Intention. Each member of her team has received the training to share the love and joy, and the desire to make every home a holistic sanctuary.

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